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A shelter under thanal...

As you know there are several children who are in distress either by loss of parents or by many social & such other circumstance. With no one to take proper care of these young ones are leading a miserable life. We the workers of the Nila seva samithi resolved ourselves to serve these young ones. The result was THANAL. Various children, who are in a state of orphanage and distress, are now seeking shelter under THANAL.

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How can you help Thanal:

  • Sponsor food for a single day
  • Sponsor food for a month
  • Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor educational expense
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തണല്‍ ബാലാശ്രമം
തണല്‍ ശിശുമന്ദിരം
ശ്രീ വില്വാദ്രിനാഥ സേവാശ്രമം
നിള വിദ്യാനികേതന്‍
വിവേകാനന്ദ വിദ്യാനികേതന്‍

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The Secretary
Nila Seva Samithi
Mayannur, Trissure Dist., Kerala, India
Ph: 9447216144